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I draw, write and play games. I'm mostly into medieval shit and I love NG.

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Well said <3

Everything, By Everyone

Well said. TFW posting right before Tom lmao.

This was a great read, thanks!

A thought came to mind when you said "I want it to come out of obscurity again and back into the top search results.", it made me wonder... Did it sink in Google results because it became obscure, or did it become obscure because it sank in Google results?

In the animation space, NG would have been the #1 result for all the popular animations before Google decided to make YouTube the first result, even in cases of animation that existed on NG long before YouTube, even in cases where NG had sponsored the animation, even in cases where the YouTube version was a stolen version.

In the games space, other websites focused on gaming SEO and managed to get their game links above ours. One of the big flaws on our end is that we still don't put the game name in the URL - curious to see what would happen if we ever manage to address that.

Good Google results are king and I have no doubt NG traffic would have remained much higher if we had maintained search prominence. Google's preference for YouTube are out of our control though which will always suck.

If I have to put my tinfoil on I'd say you guys were assassinated by google in the advent of Youtube.

That's a reveal, didn't know Jeff was in w/ CampChaos. I used to go to other sites like Romp, can't even remember the names of half of them, or the Flash heads that put in the work. Johnny Utah is a cynic's cynic to the point where he views fellow humans as feral creatures... bit of a stretch, but that was my impression, not having spoken to him often.

Nowadays artists stream, and leave the hat out, just like Adam and RedMinus. Shad is kinda the opposite, guess there's many ways to market yourself, be accessible for criticism, questions and the howdy dos from the people in the internet ether. Can only hope Stamper is applying himself to good and/or full effect these days, I don't do other social media sites, but his Twitter posts are excellent.

Was about to bring up the lack of money in internet things that aren't googlefacebookyoutube, and Tom hammered the monopoly nail right on the head :(

Jeff is a fantastic dude if you approach him with appropriate means. Stampy is working stuff out, I'm sure!

ah your tugging at heartstrings, im glad i could get my old account back up and running

I was plotting to comment on how this was more about the people than the site but... yeah, hell yeah, what a great way to conclude. The place most definitely is the people. What a well-written homage too, and with impressions of a select few that both matched my own and gave a glimpse of who they really are beyond that. Thorough analysis on Jeff in particular.

A bit surprised there's no Tom or Synj mentionedsomewhere up there though, what with the game mentions later on. Alien Hominid in particular was a big part of this place in the early days, to me.

TLBRIA: Inspiring post! Well said.

I only know Tom to a degree because I've only gotten to know him somewhat recently. When I was a boy I thought Tom was some mysterious guy, thus my time getting to know him is very, very fresh.

Sounds like potential for a follow-up post. :) He still seems like some mythical superhero some times...

He's one of the most kind people I've come to know, for sure.